tellallyourfriends1Ten years ago, I was still in high school and I discovered the band Taking Back Sunday when I was at a Blink-182 concert here in town. They were opening and I didn’t know them, had never even heard them mentioned. But I was blown away by the raw vocals and the style of the music.

I picked their CD up from the store later that week and I have bought every CD of theirs since. Yesterday they released an acoustic recording of their first album, the one I bought ten years ago, Tell All Your Friends now the old lineup is back together and I just have to say it’s pretty damn amazing to hear these guys perform those songs after the distance that they’ve come.

There’s something so simple about the feeling of an old song you know all the lyrics to being done by the old band in a new way. I was still just discovering music when all of this went down, but I don’t think any other band has remained a part of what I regularly listen to as long as this one.

Hardest part is believing that it’s been ten years.


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