fifty-shades-of-grey-cac1d39d5bb5c20810b1314bcbf61dee35d8219b-s6-c30I’m only closing in on the halfway point of Fifty Shades of Grey now, after several months of not touching the book I decided that since I paid for it I had better read the damn thing. It’s truly proving to be a taxing experience. I would say that without knowing exactly what’s coming up when they reach the actual place that the idea of a red room with torture implements sums up this book pretty nicely.

The characters a stale and for the most part it’s easy to see how she drew inspiration from Twilight . The male lead reads like a control freak to the point that I am wondering how the women reading this book weren’t seeing red flags all around them. I would call the writing amateurish, but that would be a disgrace to armatures.

There are times when it’s clear that she needs a better editor and other times where it’s clear she lacks confidence in what she writes. Sometimes a passable attempt at not telling will be quickly followed up up by her explaining everything and thus telling.

I’m going to hold off the final judgment until finish the book. But I did finish Ten Little Aliens and I have to say that it’s to date the best Doctor Who book I’ve read.

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