I’ve lived in Houston most of my life and there’s been various degrees of racial tension over the course of my life. I tend to not be as easily offended by things that happen as other blacks I know. I feel that many of them are being irrational much of the time.

The Trayvon Martin killing isn’t one of those times. I’m a firm believer in gun rights and being able to protect one’s self and your own property. But once you go out following people around and getting out of your car where you think dangerous people might be I feel like you’re getting into vigilante territory. When you shoot someone for a situation that you escalated after being told to lay off by police dispatchers I feel like there needs to be more investigation done than just letting the shooter go free.

George Zimmerman wasn’t tested for drugs or even arrested. Nothing was done until forty-four days after the fact. That’s odd. Contrast that with the man who shot too minorities here in Houston defending his neighbor’s house. I supported that man and he had his day in court and was let off without jail time. But he didn’t seem to be trying to run from what he did.

993604_783193672625_508761769_nAdd to that the supporters of Zimmerman being often times strangely excited and proclaiming that a seventeen year old deserved to die for hitting someone who had followed him (which could be seen as a threat). I hate to scream racism, because people so often accuse blacks of doing just that in any situation. But it seems peculiar how little was done in the early stages by the police. It seems odd that some of the evidence that could have gone either way was presented one way because the one survivor of the confrontation said it worked out like that.

Back to what I said about Houston. We’re not a riot/looting/protesting city. Our Police will shoot you. Doesn’t matter what race, age or socioeconomic class. They’ve got huge, giant, goliath balls. The kind of balls that gods think of as large. So when I heard there were protestors blocking 288 today with a casket screaming for justice I got worried. I feel like this has been a long time coming. Racism isn’t going to go away because we deny that it happens. We can’t continued to have two justice systems. We can’t continue to let states like Florida use racism to grade students and turn a blind eye.

Why should the color of my skin make people think I’m less valuable, less intelligent, less worthy of a chance?

It’s just bullshit.


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