Something needs to be done about the way we handle rape in this society. Now, I know that you’re thinking I mean one thing. Based on most of what is posted on this blog, you would only be right to guess I mean we need to deal with rapists themselves more harshly.

I’m all for that, but it’s not what I’m talking about.

We need to do something about the way we handle the subject of rape. You might find this shocking, but the truth of the matter is I think we need to stop restricting the subject of rape so hard. People are ostracized when they make a comment about rape at times. It’s one of the only subjects that when joked about people start boycotting and getting very upset.

I know that this might sound like a contradictory. But if you think about how much shame there is attached to rape it’s pretty apparent that part of the problem is the fact that we never talk about it. We don’t allow comedians to make jokes pertaining to the subject, even when the joke is saying something anti-rape or trying to prove the point that rape is horrible.

Rape is shameful, the word is treated as special, like it’s worse than fuck or cunt in some circles. To add insult to injury, people who want to be rebels use the word as if to make light of it. The same people running around the internet who think saying faggot and nigger makes them look tough are just as likely to cling to the word rape as a way to express themselves.

You hear it all of the time in games online: “I’m getting raped down here!”

I’m not saying we should make fun of rape. Or that rape is something we should be making fun of or making into a less serious issue. But what I am saying is that we should talk about rape more the same way we talk about other things. Sure, you could claim that it could trigger feelings in some people, but it would be less likely to do so if they didn’t have to feel so ashamed about rape.

Shame that’s exacerbated because we treat the subject like Voldemort’s name and don’t really have frank or even not-so-frank conversations about it.

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