yale-picks-up-some-shares-of-jp-morgan-chaseThis video kind of pissed me off. I don’t know where this girl gets off thinking that the best schools in the country should accept someone who hasn’t been trying the hardest in all the aspects that they look at.

The stupidest thing about all of this is she blames so many things that are totally in her control and then she claims that it’s a rat race. High school students need to realize that the real world isn’t going to treat them like a special little snow flake and coddle them and scoop them up and make them into the person they’re supposed to be. Colleges look for a whole person, someone who has diverse interests as well as a great academic background and experience helping the community.

I know this video is a few months old and maybe I missed the outrage on this, but I read something a few days ago and this kind of triggered in my head because of it. A piece in Huffington Post talked about a lot of the issue with young people in today’s workforce is that they don’t understand working to get somewhere. They think that when they come out of college with any kind of degree and get their dream job they’re owed the best salary possible and that their life should just be sitting back and working with ease.

That attitude does nothing to help us and the sooner we shake it, the better.

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