uniqueI’ve always been kind of unnerved by someone figuring me out in a short time. It’s nothing to do with remaining mysterious to seem interesting or impressive. There’s just something kind of saddening to me about the idea that I’m not as complicated as I would like to think.

This is a bit of a dumb thing to say when you consider how many people there are on the planet and how many of them are similar to other people. There’s only so many ways that you could be. Sure there are an infinite number of ways to mix different traits, personality types and preferences, but how unique does that really make you.

A few weeks ago something that I thought I had been keeping secret was blatantly called out by another friend while we were riding home rowdy and drunk in a car driven by a friend. I denied it in the moment, but I was shocked too. How much of ourselves do we put out there without even knowing it and what can we really do to control it?

Writing these newest characters has been a hard fight for me. In comparison to my old cast I’ve spent so little time with them.  At times I don’t know how much should be visible about them. What should they be thinking when they do this? What would a person like her or him think in this situation?

In building characters I want them to be surprising and genuine, but not at the expense of them being believable. I will go to my grave saying that this is where First Person differs so hard from even Third Person limited. You’re demonstrating that the character isn’t just how they see themselves or how they’re seen by others, you’re showing both things. When you describe a characters feelings the audience should be able to figure out how they feel about themselves and how others might feel about them, even if the character doesn’t know it.

That’s a hard skill to master when it comes to writing.


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