So this is proving to be a bit of a heartache for me. My main character from the Keep Austin deviousSafe series (her name this week is Lissette, that’s subject to change as it has over and over an over) might have a bit of an issue with how she views women…and men…let’s just call it people in general. Here’s an excerpt from early in the narrative.

This is happening because I followed them up here; earlier this month he’d cut the funding from a research project Mom was working on. I was so sure that these late night meetings had something to do with it. At first, I checked into the people he was associated with. Mom made me promise I wasn’t going to make this a thing. Pike’s habits and disappearances at certain times of the month suggested Lycanthropy. I tailed him a few times. And then a few turned into many. You’d be shocked how much free time I have after school.

As it turned out he wasn’t a were-creature. But there was definitely something going on.

I’d rather endure this than get caught. My pride couldn’t bear it. This is, like, my go to drug. I’m a super-special-awesome-stalker. I will stalk the shit out of you. I’m a high school aged girl. We tend to nurture our stalking skills. Usually, that’s also when we work on our charm or our looks. So, when I “accidentally run into you” in the hallway for the third time I’ve missed a button or figured out how to tell a funny joke in the interim. And you do that little laugh and lean in close and notice the smell of the perfume (that I practically trashed around in a tub of). Then the stalking becomes dating.

Boys don’t always figure these things out how to nurture their looks or their charm. So, sometimes later in life stalking becomes kidnapping which usually becomes twenty-five to life.

I burn through a good chunk of this Facebook game before I finally hear his breathing growing shallow. The desk thuds against the wall with an awkward cadence and finally they fall silent. I use the phone’s front camera to get a look at them; the woman has her back to me and is slipping her underwear on under a dress.

She’s fun to write, but no doubt this kind of thing could upset some people. Not that I really care for the most part. It seems that some people make it their professional career at being upset over small stuff.

But this is the early basis for Lissette’s character. You’re introduced to her thought process right here and that’s what I love about just this chunk of writing. And it might have to be trimmed down some in the future, but I don’t want to write the weak willed roll over and take it protagonists that I see so many books. I want the snarky girl who’s a little bit mean, but capable and smart. And possibly crazy.


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