Screen-Shot-2013-09-25-at-5.44.35-PMIn a recent blog post self-published author Quin Woodward Pu spoke about dating a guy who backed out on her and taking her revenge on the guy. The short story version is that she had a few good dates, the guy was in the process of asking her out on the next one and then suddenly told her he wasn’t interested out of the blue. She flipped out and texted his boss about how he used a company phone for sexting (with her) in an attempt to get back at him. The guy was polite in his refusal to continue seeing her, she was the asshole in this situation.

Pu and several other women operate a blog where they post as a team and while the blog had some following the internet exploded onto the site after this post went viral and some even took to the page’s belonging to her two books to attack her through reviews.

I’m kind of curious what others think about this because while she was clearly wrong and is clearly a pretty horrible person are the racial attacks and jokes pertaining to her weight really just okay? Is that kind of thing ever ‘okay’?

This site warning people not to date her in the area popped up, which I can say isn’t a bad idea. The girl is an asshole. But the sexist language used in a lot of the comments pertaining to her are pretty bad. As is the racial shit. Pu has been called fat and referred to as overweight. I saw a poster call her a heifer.  

There’s a picture of her above for reference. She’s normal looking. That’s not fat people. I mean putting what she did aside, she’s actually attractive. It just also sounds like she might be crazy. I wouldn’t have a problem with this kind of behavior as much, but it seems like whenever women do anything wrong people are much quicker to have a go at their looks. I know I’ve slipped into it before, but I’m a cold hearted bastard and you should do as I say not as I do.

Plus I never called anyone an “uppity chinky cunt” that’s just a bit too far across the line. I’ve got no problem with Internet retribution. But I wonder how we would have reacted had the genders been reversed? It seems like we’ve got a real need in this society to see women get “put in their place.”

3 thoughts on “All is Fair in Internet Retribution?

  1. I thank Pu and every other bat-shit crazy woman out there for the fear that the elusive available man seems to be drowning in.
    He, obviously, has some inkling of her instability.
    However, I do not think that her race or her weight should have any place in an intelligent argument against her pathetic actions.


    1. Oh, I totally agree. I was actually working on this post for Reddit before I decided to post an extended version here and what’s funny is that the reaction to the whole thing seems to be destroy the woman at every avenue. I don’t think what she did was right, but it seems like there’s a lot of this kind of thing being enforced and it’s more about punishment than finding the person who was wronged and giving them a hand. I guess in this case that would be hard.


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