bbadrect011-460x3071People expect too much from series finales, I think. That being said, the Breaking Bad finale did a perfect job of what it needed to do. It let us see all of the characters one more time with a few exceptions and gave them an appropriate send off. Some of the things I would have liked to have known were never revealed, but they were minor things at best.

I have mixed feelings about the ending because in reality I only just started watching about a month ago and I caught up and watched the ending all in that span. It’s hard to take in that a show so awesome only lasted a month for me. I was never spoiled on anything, never really discussed too much of the show with anyone until the near end of it all. I didn’t get that full experience of being a part of the show as it happened and being right down there in the trenches with everyone.

And I am sad to see it go because of that. But I’m happy that it went out on top and didn’t drag on past it’s prime, like Dexter.

I won’t say too much about the ending here, because I am sure there are some who haven’t seen it and I am sure that there is enough commentary out there fro those that have, but I am happy to have run into a show as great as Breaking Bad.

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