Broken-Friendship-Quotes-apihyayanThere’s a lot to be said about the bad weeks and the weeks when nothing goes the way you planned for it to. I haven’t really been writing much lately. This week was the excuse was that I was out of town for training, but in reality I haven’t really been trying to write. I need to sit down and get some real work done and stop just planning things out and checking back over things.

Putting words on paper is just more important all around.

I’m realizing more and more that there are kinds of people that I just don’t want to be around in this world and that I have a low tolerance for the childishness and the inability to exercise control and discretion that people seem to have.

Maybe things will look better when I’ve put Dallas behind me and I’m safely back in Houston. I’ve always hated this city.

I imagine that there’s some weight I need to lose. Some negative influences I need to drop. My boss, well the boss of the entire group I work for, said we need to cut ties with all the people who do the bad in our lives. I’m starting to see that he was right and that perhaps the reason everything around me feels so toxic is because I made my choices in friends wrong.

I won’t make this mistake again.

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