ripplewater1Small changes can ripple out from where they start and really make a big difference. Since starting work in a new place I already feel better about a lot of the things going on in my life. The levels of stress I’m experiencing have gone WAY down on top of that. Next week I have a house guest from the Netherlands and I’m pretty excited about that. Given how restrictive my old job was a situation like this would have never been possible.

Freedom to do these kinds of things and pursue these sorts of ends is exactly what I need. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Not going out so much really has helped too. I spent a good deal of my time worried about being alone and not feeling comfortable with being alone with my own thoughts. It’s pretty liberating to lay around this house (albeit with a cold these last few days) and not have to over analyze everything I want or think about.

I’m even managing to get some writing done.

Oh, I’ve also started using my Pinterest board again to hold ideas for writing that I hope to do in the future. There’s nothing to really see on there right now, but I think that tip could be helpful for others out there. That site’s not just for overpriced wedding planning, there’s a pretty practical element to it too.


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