worlds_best_dad_medalFor as long as I can remember actually feeling like I wanted kids of my own I’ve liked the idea of having a daughter more than having a son. This is apparently not normal. Whenever it somehow comes up in conversation people look at me like they just realized I was Keyser Söze the whole time. I guess I can see why.

But then there are those people who obviously shouldn’t have had a kid at all. I went out to the bar with a friend from out of town the other day and expected things to just be kind of run of the mill. I wanted her to see the places where we hang out and meet some of my friends.

While we were there I started talking to a bar tender I didn’t know as the person who is usually there was off that night. We were joking about her piercings. She had these two in the dimples of her back. I don’t remember how it even came up. The thing is that it wasn’t really that I was flirting with her, but I know from being in this bar before and having been in other bars that if you’re the girl behind the bar you’re going to get hit on by guys who might be well into their sixties.

The whole thing is a little gross. But it’s also not anything abnormal. It’s the case in bars all over the westernized world more than likely.

In the course of our conversation about various piercings I told her that she should avoid any guy who’s dumb enough to pierce his dick. It might not show from this blog most of the time, but I don’t have a filter or much of a wall to hold that kind of stuff back. I can if I want to, but I typically don’t.

It turns out that a guy who I had been talking to earlier was the girl’s father and he was just in the bar drinking and hanging out. I’m already a little creeped out by the idea of people coming with their kids to the bar unless it’s not a regular thing. But when you come see your daughter in a place where she works around dozens of guys who are looking at her like a piece of meat  you kind of have to expect that.

The guy seemed so hurt by the whole thing and was just upset whenever I was around for the entire rest of the night. And if he had been there any amount of time with her at the bar he had to have seen worse stuff than what I did. The leering. The comments.

I figure that he was either there for free drinks or to try and keep guys away from his daughter. Either way it seems like a pretty sad existence. I think it’s good to want to stand up for your kids. But how long do you have to keep doing it? And how do you take on everyone that makes off color jokes as if they’re insults?

One thing that someone made a point of saying (I don’t remember who) is that the guys who have the most to fear when they have a little girl are the ones who remember the horrible shit they did to women when they were younger and single. I think that’s not true, even guys who didn’t do all the bad still know guys who did. They still saw the effects on a girl or two, Or they witnessed it first hand at a party or gathering or bar.

Though it’s sexist to think that bad things only happen to little girls (because they don’t). I’m sure that being a parent is scary in general. Even then, there comes a point where you need to be ready to let your kids think for themselves and do for themselves and let them laugh with other people and have fun and all of that good stuff.


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