iPad_Air_vs_iPad_mini_2_3For some reason I was reading tech reviews for different products and when I came across some stuff on the iPad Air I noticed that most of the ratings were five out of five or ten out of ten or whatever the system deemed perfect, but the product had cons. Obvious cons. What you’re getting for the price. The lack of an option for external storage. There were others, listed there on the site, but the point is that with cons like that it probably shouldn’t be ten out of ten.

Videogames have the same problem on a lot of review sites. The reviewers are often critical of titles for small reasons but give larger named titles huge passes in regards to things that should be held against them. And when one reviewer dares to step outside of the box and give what they think is an honest assessment of the game it can net them death threats and all manner of harassment.

A game like Grand Theft Auto did have a lot going for it, but there were some glaring weaknesses. Especially in terms of story and when it comes to the online game. A lot of people were waiting for the online component of the game, but now that’s come out it leaves things to be desired. Like the character creation. Or the mission system.

This isn’t to say that we should be trying to get mad when we read a great review, but we need to stop blowing smoke up the asses of companies that don’t deserve it for the work their doing. When writing a review we need to try and approach the the subject of the review with fresh eyes and not give concessions just because we’re a fan of the company or product or series or whatever may be the matter at hand.

When it comes to anything new coming out we need to stop swallowing buzz words like faster, more fun and other things that really have no concrete proof. Consumers are so stupid that they only just stopped buying Call of Duty games despite there being no new ideas since Call of Duty MW2. And they haven’t figured out that it’s not considered “budget conscious” if you update your phone or tablet out of a need to be stylish.

There are people out there who like different things and there are all manner of consumers, but the people reviewing things and the people buying them need to actually learn to think without bias about what something can actually do and what it’s use is.


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