6a0120a5962426970b012877a46f33970c-800wiOne of the trends I have been noticing over the last few years when it comes to people online in large groups is the special kind of “liberalism” that seems to be prevalent. A lot of these people quoted Barack Obama and swooned over his political speeches for years online, though a lot of that has stopped because these same people are more worried about the government skimming through phone calls and emails for keywords—even though Google, Facebook and loads of other companies do these same things and then give you ads based on what you say.

You can tell this special little snowflake breed of liberal a few different ways. They’re usually bright eyed, optimistic Millennials (which is already enough reason for me to kind of be sick of them) who value their privacy so highly that they have to post photos of everything they eat on geo-tagged Instagram and Tweet any deep sounding stray thoughts they have whilst taking a shit. They’re free-thinking and enlightened (see: Atheist), unless of course you hold feminist views—then they’re going to sound like the most sexist preacher imaginable. Or unless you’re a black person that’s had anything wrong done to them, because we all know the West stopped being racist years ago.

Bonus points to the person being identified if at the mention of women’s rights they bring up “the friend-zone” or the special privileges women in society have. Because somehow there’s nothing more desired and valuable in the world than someone occasionally holding a door for you for an inordinate amount of time or

A lot of them care about life so, so much. Well they care about life enough to protest the use of drone planes, even though the drones are more accurate and less bloody than a ground assault or traditional bombing. They champion people like Snowden and Assange without considering the huge amount of hypocrisy these kind of individuals typically display.

Expect them to meet any talk about religion with smug comments, even if the person making the comments about religion does so in a perfectly polite and non-threatening, non-forceful way.

These types seem to run wild on sites like Reddit and there’s even a large amount of them on Facebook making groups that claim to offer free thought until someone who doesn’t think like the rest of the group has something to say. 


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