998102_10101161246295165_1890128532_nThis past Saturday night I rushed home to catch the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special when it was replayed on BBC America. Despite the fact that they shoved forty five minute of commercials into an hour and fifteen minute long show and despite that I was seeing it almost ten hours later after the dust had settled I don’t think I’ve ever been more satisfied with something as it was presented to me. I was blown away. That’s the only way to describe it.

I spent the months leading up to the show not consuming anything Doctor Who related. I didn’t read the news articles or watch the mini-sodes and trailers. It made the experience that much more special and meaningful because it felt untainted and pure. It was Moffat at his best, Billie Piper at her best, Tennant better than I think we ever saw him in the last season of the show (except maybe for Midnight) and Matt Smith doing some of his best work. There was a lot for Jenna Coleman to do this time, but she never seemed to be taking up space or occupying the screen just to be there.

One of the most impressive things Moffat does is write in a way where time seems to actually have passed. The effects of a stronger relationship between the Doctor and Clara are all over the place. The Doctor has moved past where we saw him last and it honestly feels like we’ve had distance between his last outing at the end of season seven.

9506_10101165853557175_1722492652_nI loved everything about the show. I absolutely can’t stress how awesome John Hurt was. But I’m still upset and perhaps it’s partially my fault. I should know better by now. The comments section of any site is no place for the kind of person who wants to remain happy about whatever they’re reading about.

And there’s nothing more disgustingly venomous than an upset Doctor Who fan. They’re mad that their favorite actor wasn’t in it. They’re still mad that it’s not the David Tennant show. They’re mad that Moffat would dare replace young attractive men with an older one. They’re pretty much upset about anything that Moffat does at all, they blame him for every small fault in everything from the advertising to the timing of the show and all that falls between.

It’s weird to want to be done with the community surrounding something you love because a lot of the people in it sincerely embody all that’s wrong with fans of media. Sites like Twitter and Tumblr have made it so that everyone has a voice and people have chosen to bitch about the most miniscule details in everything.

Not too long ago it got so bad that Moffat pulled his Twitter account offline. More recently I think he has put it back up (don’t quote me on that), but it doesn’t matter because he still felt the need to take it down because of the fans and their reactions to every little thing that he did. There’s something to be said for how awesome it is being connected to the creative people who bring us the shows, music, movies and books we love, but at the same time I think we abuse them and make it hard for the to do their job by being more than just critical…by basically being utter fucking assholes and ramping up the asshole behavior when we think it might get us more attention.

For those out there who want to enter the business someday and write for the rest of us it’s kind of harrowing, I’m sure, to see the treatment of other people who really only want to entertain. Death threats, insults, threats against family and while these are some of the extreme things that people have done any one of them is enough to discourage those who might want to try their hand at writing in the future.


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