matt-smith-ben-mckenzie-peabody-award-winners-02Doctor Who is relatively new to me and while I have been watching the show since 2010, this is the first time I’ve witnessed a Doctor regenerating real time. It’s a lot different than just watching it happen after the fact (which I have done twice). It’s like a cocktail of fear, dread, excitement and anticipation in varying degrees.

I would have watched five more years of Matt Smith, to be honest. He’s my Doctor. He’s the era I came into the show in and thus he’s the Doctor I’ve spent the longest with and digested the most. For me, he’s the benchmark that all Doctors (past and present) will be measured against. This is not to say no one can ever be as good, but the comparison is something I’m going to be unable to help and I’m proud to say it.

The show has a way of dredging up emotions within me that most other shows fail to get and Matt Smith (especially back when Karen Gillian was around) had a way of going through a whole range of emotion and making them all seem genuine. The only thing I can hope is that we get some other work out of him that’s substantial, because it would be a waste to not have him show up in other things.

And I know a lot of fans were unhappy with Smith and still are unhappy with his run, I think it’s sort of underrated and I would like to say thank you for three epic seasons.


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