quality-friendsI spent the better part of the day texting a friend of mine back and forth and it’s been really fun. Having someone to talk to, even when it’s not about the happiest things, has been a really nice thing. We were talking a lot about relationships and books and then just joking around and it comes naturally.

There’s been this nagging feeling I’ve had with some people who just don’t seem to really want anything to do with me where I try and try to get their attention. Yeah, I let go of that kind of thing earlier than I would have, say, four years ago. But I still let that sort of thing happen past the point where it’s apparent I’m wasting my time and theirs.

Not everyone is going to want to be my friend. That’s true for everyone. A long, long time ago in another blog I wrote about how transitioning from high school to a college setting where we’re not forced to interact with people who aren’t like us is a hard thing to get used to. One of the biggest parts of that was learning that just because you’re in close proximity to someone doesn’t mean you’re friends.

I wrote that almost ten years ago, but I’m still learning that lesson. Working together doesn’t make us friends. Even texting and talking outside of work or when we’re not forced to really doesn’t make us friends. We’re not obligated to be friends and if, when I try to befriend you, you’re just not receptive I’m not going to keep trying. I’ve got better things to do with my time.

Maybe this comes off as a bitter sentiment, but it’s coming from my thoughts after talking to someone who I genuinely have fun with and who seems to have fun talking to me. Right now even that seems hard to find and it would be nice if I had figured out that wasting time dwelling on someone doesn’t help matters.


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