hill-country-road-trip-1_22298_600x450Lately, due to where I live, I’ve been immersed in this good ol’ boy country attitude that it so common down here in the South and I don’t think I can take it anymore. I spend a good deal of my time when I am out in public near where I work trying to avoid hearing the terrible country music.

I don’t think it’s the sound of the music as much as it is the subject matter. Talking about more trucks than cars and how folks are more patriotic and closer to God. Basically it’s the musical equivalent of a sub-culture patting themselves on the back for nothing. Why is having a truck, in and of itself, something to be proud of?  How do you assume that you’re more patriotic than other people?

It’s not all country. I don’t like the idea that an entire genre of music is exactly the same. There are great country songs and singers out there, but the new mainstream country scene is permeated with the kind of stuff that I’m talking about here. It just annoys me.

The funny thing is, that despite me not being country I grew up around some people that are really country. And they’re not all like in the songs, some of them like hard rock, drive cars, aren’t religious and one of them is a brilliant girl who works in an office and if you didn’t know where she was from you’d never guess. The point is that it’s not even all the people from these areas that spread this message.

This isn’t an attack on them or a lifestyle either. It’s just pointing out an issue I see within a sub-culture.


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