Twilight-Saga-Breaking-Dawn_-jewelry_by_Swarovski_Long time no see. It’s nearing March and my birthday and I’m still writing and working and reading and all of that fun stuff. Hopefully I can remember to update at regular intervals. My home internet is currently on the fritz again and I’m having to make this post using the magic of the Mobile Hot Spot through my cellphone. Because of that I’ll keep this quick and dirty.

I was reading up on the idea of succubi in fiction (I can’t decide if I like that plural or just keeping the word like deer where it’s both singular and plural) and I came across this little excerpt from an article on Wikipedia.

  • In the 2008 novel Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, the three original sisters of the Denali coven (Tanya, Kate, and Irina) were revealed to be the originators of the myth of the succubus, as they would seduce men and drain them of blood following intercourse. The three sisters also appear in the Breaking Dawn films, but their history as succubi is not mentioned.

When I read that I was instantly thinking that sounds like a damn good idea for a story or even a movie. Why is it that all of Meyers’s interesting characters and situations are NOT the focus of the stuff she writes? I know I have been dismissive of the people who spend more time downplaying her than actually working.

But if anything can be said there’s not an issue with her making interesting characters. There’s a problem with her focusing on the interesting characters. I don’t get how that happens.


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