unearthly australiaCynthia Hand wasn’t a name I had ever heard of before I started reading her Unearthly series. The first book came highly recommended by a friend of mine who is an avid reader and since the subject matter was similar to what I write I jumped on it. I was curious to see how someone else was writing it.

The big difference between Hand and myself, other than her being published, is that she writes in that ever growing Paranormal Romance genre. And she’s probably the first author I have read who made me not want to toss the book across the room because the characters behaved like idiots. It was refreshing and the first book is really well constructed. The second book isn’t as good and I haven’t gotten to the third (there’s a novella between the second and third), so I don’t know what to say about how the series ends. But book one, Unearthly, is a good example of how you do it.

The problems in books like Hush Hush and Twilight are recognized and cut out leaving behind a coherent narrative that still features love and magical creatures. But one that gives a sense that these ingredients can be mixed to create something other than drivel.

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