empathy-bellyCaring for someone who is having a rough time is still really hard on me. I remember years ago when I had therapy sessions in San Antonio with this doctor that operated out of the military base nearby. One of the first things that she told me that I should do is stop empathizing with others, namely my friends.

I don’t think that anything can be further from what I would want. I want to feel bad for my friends when they’re having a hard time and I want to be able to feel goo for them when things are going well. I think that they should kind of be the same way and that this is one of the minimal requirements of being friends.

In fact, one of the reasons that I just stopped dealing with so many of my friends lately is because they weren’t really good friends. Problems I had or hardships I was facing weren’t worth their time. When good things happened to me or them they were no where to be found. When they were doing bad, though they wanted my undivided attention.

I’ve learned that I don’t have to put up with that, but having fewer friends to be focused makes it that much harder when one of them is having a bad go at it. Add to the problem that I’ve never been the best at comforting people.

There’s no much point to this other than that. I’m having a hard time not thinking about a friend I can tell is hurting. I’m still writing and still kicking ass at word count. Laser focus and all.

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