The_Hero_of_Ages_-_Book_Three_of_MistbornIt occurred to me that I need to do some actual blogging and this time I actually put in the effort and sat down to write something. I’ve been reading a lot more lately and this past week I finished the final book of the original Mistborn trilogy The Hero of Ages.

I was kind of upset by the writing even though the plot and world building seemed to be perfect. Most of the characters had worn on me by the end and I found myself caring less and less about them. Sanderson’s magic system is basically what carried the book in the second half and I found myself just wanting the answers. I wasn’t disappointed in them, I just feel like the vehicle to get me there could have been better.

And it showed so much promise.

I’m continuing to knock out what I can in the writing department and as the ides of March approach I am hoping that I can finish this whole thing by the end of the month and get to the tricky part. The editing.

I might have found a new friend who wants to help too.

Well I hope everyone has a happy Pi Day tomorrow. I’ll try to get back to this at a more regular interval.


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