bad-dateI went on what I’m certain was the worst date I’ve ever been on (and this is including the date where my car got towed during and argument) with a girl I think tried to run up a high bill at the restaurant for the sole purpose of punishing me for asking her out.

She didn’t state this outright, but immediately after ordering she went on a rant about how she wasn’t ready to date and how she didn’t think she needed to be in a relationship. I asked her why she showed up and she said “You wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

No. I asked you out once and you immediately said yes. Then you tried to claim we needed to talk more before you wanted to go out. I waited and we talked more and I asked you out again and you said yes. She used the word forced (as if someone can force you to do something online) and was generally argumentative the whole night. She went on a rant about single mothers. She went on another rant about how men carelessly sleep around and when she paused to ask why men don’t care as much and commented that there’s the same amount of risk for them I told her there really wasn’t. Men aren’t stuck with a kid and most of the STDs people think about have a higher transfer rate man to man or man to woman than woman to man or woman to woman.

She got angry and just said that I was wrong. Which is bullshit, it’s a fact for some STDs and men can’t have babies. I kept surprisingly calm, probably because I was sleepy and that’s what sleepy does to me. But pretty much went on like this with me trying to say something without stepping on an argument landmine and her doing her best to turn every discussion into me versus her.

So, she was right about one thing. She’s not in a place to be in a relationship. I did end up paying for her, but this will probably be the last time that happens unless it’s something like coffee. It’s 2014. There’s no reason women can’t pay for themselves. It’s not like there’s no benefit for them, if things go well they’re getting a boyfriend. If things go badly we’ve probably both had an awkward time where we wasted an hour or more with someone we probably won’t see again.


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