acIVSo, tonight I was supposed to run through some corrections in the first part of the novella. I wanted to post a preview chapter on Facebook for everyone to see.

Instead I sat here and listened to Montell Jordan’s 90’s hit “This is How We Do It” and did some pirating on Assassin’s Creed IV. I’d have to say that my pirate technique and nautical skill is top notch. All that’s missing is rum.

Procrastination seems to be part of writing. It gets worse when I’ve had a bad week or a bad day. There are still some days where I don’t want to do anything, even playing a video game or reading a book seems like an impossible task then. There are less of those now and I think that’s an improvement.

The editor I’ve found (and who is doing for free) is actually sending me back a ton of critique and comments. There’s so much that looking at the story can be a little dizzying. When you look down the margin in MS Word and there’s just red comment boxes everywhere it’s exciting and scary in a way I don’t think I can describe to someone who hasn’t had to take critiques before.

I will get some work done. And I will get this preview chapter up for public eyes. Even if I have to do tiny little bits everyday. Doing something is better than just whining about how I am so far behind and can’t do anything.


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