Roasted_coffee_beansI got tired today earlier than normal and didn’t realize what the issue was until I thought back over the day. The problem was something I hadn’t done. Caffeine.  It’s usually a part of my diet, but not something that I think about having. I had some juice and some other stuff at the house, but I didn’t bother to drink anything with caffeine. By the end of the night I was exhausted.

That feeling for that time of day isn’t normal for me, but I need to think more about how the changes in diet effect me. This might be a bit of an odd post to see on a blog that doesn’t talk about food, but…

When you’re busy and writing or doing anything else for that matter it can be easy to get wrapped up and forget to eat. It’s good to remember that there are other things going on around us while we are writing and to think about the way what we’re doing affects our behavior.

On the Writing Excuses podcast recently there was some talk about the way that becoming professional writers had changed their lives. One of them commented on how they had to have surgery on their tail bone because of all the sitting and bad posture years of writing had caused them.

There are little things, things that the outsider might not consider, that we have to deal with when we go into any career or hobby or pastime.


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