2014-05-18 21.26.44I was coming out of work  tonight and happened to be talking on the phone to a friend of mine. We were just shooting the shit when I looked up at the street next to the building to see a small puppy wandering around unattended and sniffing in the grass. I waited to see if anyone was behind him or chasing after him and the like and no one was.

Usually I don’t really bother with stray animals. Dogs will wander pretty far from home and get back on their own. But it was dark and there was a lot of traffic so I went over and scooped him up and brought him back to the house with me.

He seems intelligent and sweet. Though he is a little scared some of the time. More than anything he seems curious. He just heard me typing and decided that he would stand up on his hind legs and try to look up here. Tomorrow I am going to take him over to the animal control people and see if he has a chip in him or if anyone is looking for the little guy.

Other than that I don’t know what I can do.


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