Basic RGBI’ve been critical of the kind of stories that get their beginnings as fan fiction and are transferred over to an original format. It’s probably unfairly so because the examples of this that we have are Mortal Instruments and Fifty Shades of Gray. Neither of them are stellar entries.

And here we are with me thinking of using some of the mythos I had from a fan fiction piece I wrote. It was a short piece and the ideas presented in it that I want to use are original, but the first time I ever put them on paper and gave them life it was in a story about the show Sherlock.

With me rounding out the edges of the story with Lissette and Annemarie, I have started thinking I should use these discarded things that I have been dumping off. I had a plethora of creatures things running around in the book before it was Angel and Demon specific. There were werewolves and vampires and a whole host of other things that didn’t really have a place in the world but still had a mythos and characters and backstories.

All of that was dropped in favor of something more streamlined. I didn’t need to complicate my imaginary world with tons of unneeded exposition for no pay off (which is what I would have had to do if I was just adding things in inorganically).

When I deleted them I promised I would use some of this stuff later somewhere else. I’m starting to formulate a vehicle for that now and it’s borrowing from my own fan fiction.

It feels a little hypocritical, but at the same time the idea is expanded far beyond what I was doing there and it’s not just a word-for-word copy and paste job with the numbers filed off and the names changed to protect me from copyright infringement. I want to borrow the spirit of the story and make it into this new thing all together.


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