This isn’t a big “current events and news” blog. Those tend to be hard subjects for me to talk about because it usually requires that I be paying attention to the news.

Lately that’s been really hard. The standard news channel stuff is drivel with almost everything turning into a scandal or some conspiracy or even just old fashioned fear mongering for one reason or another. Granted there are times when scandals are news and when there is a reason to be afraid for the future or for what’s going on right now.

The news tends not to be about those things. Their focus is more on what brings them ratings and the easiest thing to throw a hash-tag in front of.

The other day something happened that seems to have garnered some attention and it’s even managed to reach my ears in a relatively short amount of time. A twenty-two year old shot up several locations because of his ill luck with making friends and dating women. Stop reading here for about ten seconds to give that shit time to sink in.

Someone shot people all because he was having issues with making friends and dating. That might sound outlandish and we might feel like there’s no reason for that to be the case, but think back on it. Isn’t this the same thing that keeps happening. Sure, the person who did it this time is a little older, but it’s the same story.

A guy who doesn’t fit in (it’s almost never a girl, it seems) decides that if he can’t have friends he needs to take the lives of some people he deems as part of the problem. I watched his videos, maybe that’s wrong of me considering that it just gives the killer more attention, but the thing I noticed was that the overall feeling I got from him was one that unnerved me. I felt that he was the kind of person who you meet and you’re instantly uncomfortable with his posture and his look. Not that he was ugly or repulsive or something, but he has something about him that made him creepy.

That word gets thrown around a lot for people who don’t deserve it. Creepy. Creepy like the janitor at the school or the guy who collects Pokemon cards in his thirties. No I mean real creepy. The kind of person that you get alarm bells just by looking at them. It wasn’t his interests or his self confidence that made him unworthy of friends, it was that just from seeing him the average person could tell that he was a broken person. Something is wrong with him.

Not everyone who sees this blog will believe in God or fate or higher powers. But God or nature or whatever gave us intuition for a reason. We choose to muck it up and cloud it with what it socially acceptable. Cultural mores and things that really shouldn’t play into it. We need to go back to trusting what we feel in the deepest part of ourselves.

It’s something we tap into a lot when we’re driving. We just know someone is going to switch lanes unexpectedly sometimes or pull out in front of us. We see little visual cues and we put them together and we just know what’s going to go down. We’re not psychic, we’re just processing information in a level that’s higher than the everyday bullshit our minds usually concentrate on.

We need to use that more often. We need to stop letting society decide what creeps us out and clear that part of ourselves out for real dangers. People who are predatory and who aren’t right. When we see them we need to avoid them or even warn others. There’s a person I’ve met like that here and I’ve just kept myself away from them because everything about how they acted was wrong. People might think I need to give them a chance or that I’m being rude, but the truth is that people who that are used to people avoiding others for reasons that aren’t legitimately concerning.

Take time to get back down to that part inside of yourself that’s meant to keep you safe. We all need to think about that and make it happen. It can save lives.


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