9535352If the first step is admitting you have a problem then I am going to go ahead and take it now. I’ve been having issues writing for a while now. A lot of it has to do with the extra time put into work, but some of it comes from being unhappy with where I am. Not in the life, more like in location. The adjustment to living in a small town has been something that should have happened over the last several years, but it just hasn’t and I’m not even sure what other people see in this kind of life style.

The other thing is that I’m having issues quieting the ideas in my head for other things. The other day I basically got slapped in the face with the idea for a book (when I met two real people who seemed like they were starring in a book already). Planning the next thing always seems more attractive and stimulating than actually working on the thing you’re already in the middle of.

One of the things I said I was going to do did happen. When I’m not writing I am reading more. The other day I finished Texas Gothic and oddly the worst thing that I can say about it is that my hatred of all things rural kind of made those parts of the book a little less enjoyable. It’s not bad writing, actually it’s very good. The things seem authentically like the kind of bullshit that really happens around here. People can’t keep their mouth shut about other people’s business and have to go off blabbing all of the rumors they hear right away lest someone else get to tell everyone first.

It hits kind of close to home and, while that’s a personal gripe, it still effected my enjoyment of the book.

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