20140602__slenderman~1So this is the kind of madness we’ve come to? Blaming a horror story spread around the internet by some guys from Something Awful for the stabbing of an individual. The thing about this that is worrying is that the stabbing itself would have never made it to my ears, but with this kind of click-bait headline who’s not going to see or read it?

We’re at that point that we ignore a news story until the media can create some kind of fear or buzz around it. I’m not saying that them doing this to make us pay attention is good. It’s more likely that this is actually bad and that we’re being made to care about the wrong part of the story.

So when we hear that two girls have stabbed someone because of something they saw on the internet, are we going to concentrate on the girls and how they were raised and other factors or the victim and how they’re doing, if they made it out alive, or are we going to latch onto to this internet part of the story?

I think it’s going to be the latter. People are always looking for a chance to censor something and to make us afraid of what’s out there. There’s a whole generation of people scared of technology and unable to use it because of that fear, I see those people nearly daily now.

What do you think someone like that will think when they read this headline: “’Slenderman’ stabbing: Girls, 12, accused of attacking friend to please creepy character”? 

It’s pretty easy to tell right where this is all headed.


4 thoughts on “The so called “Slenderman stabbing”

  1. When people kill for their religion we focus not only on the individual but the religion and its texts. How do you see this as different?


    1. I see that as wrong, unless the texts are inspiring a lot of people to go the same route. Slenderman is more of a joke that people take seriously than anything else. People are quick to jump to defend religion, but those same people will damn the whole internet over the motives between two girls who have a lot more going on in there than just liking the internet.


      1. I think though that I wouldn’t lump all religions into one here. most people jump to defend their own religion, while condemning others. People within radical Islam, for instance, love the power the internet brings to recruit. This girl’s parents (Morgan) were proud skull wearing goths, and, without knowing what they promoted for “belief” it is easy to imagine her ideas of normal and reality would make Slenderman seem potentially more real. And. i wonder just how many myths started this way?


      2. I don’t know that even goths fall under one belief set very easily. I’ve met goths that were from all kinds of backgrounds and religions and the like, I think that we like to perceive them a certain way because of the media and how they make it seem. My point with this post isn’t that these people did nothing wrong or that there are no bad belief structures, the point was more about how the media tries to take the reason behind things and stretch it to cause a panic. They do the opposite when they need to be telling people about something. They don’t look for the important news they look for a way to sensationalize things for ratings.


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