Bpx-0sjCcAAh5LYA wall of ambulances and police cars outside of high schools, aerial shots of everyday people darting away in tight lines with their hands covering the backs of their heads, an exposé on the gunmen where we find out that the warning signs were there. This all seems so familiar because it’s becoming a part of everyday life.

Reynolds High School in Oregon has become the fourth location to experience a shooting in the past three weeks. Fifth if you want to count the one that happened in Canada, but it really isn’t part of the same trend; these things don’t happen nearly as often there.

It’s safe to say that we’ve got a problem here. A problem with gun registration and the flow of guns onto the streets and how easily one can get a gun and a problem with the the mentally ill not being properly looked after and cared for. People can complain that their gun rights are at risk, but in all honesty nothing has been done to their gun rights at all to stop this from happening.

We can at least say that there was something done for the healthcare issue with reforms being put up that could have effected the mentally ill. Even then, it’s not enough. The issue of what to do about guns isn’t hard to deal with—the issue is that we aren’t even allowed to have the discussion.

In full, my a friend of mine said this:

There is absolutely no contradiction between upholding the Second Amendment, and providing a robust regime of time, place and manner restrictions on that right. So let’s close the gaping loopholes in our gun laws. And to that end, let’s give states and local governments the ability to tailor the rules to their own need.

The point gun law should be to make compliance the only reasonable option. So let’s treat guns with the same regulatory regime that we treat motor vehicles with. If you can prove you’re not a moron, congrats, you can have your guns, but their registered to you, and you’re responsible to report when they’ve been lost or stolen. Hell, we’ll even let you do it when you get/renew your driver’s license, and we won’t make you renew that part. Ensure that all new guns being manufactured in a manner that makes it very hard to remove registration information. And give people tax credits for doing their civic duty to the militia and being a responsible gun owner so they don’t bitch too much.

You would be able to cut down on gun-violence and would in no way interfere with the second amendment right to keep and bear arms.

One would think that was the kind of comment to end the whole discussion, but nope. I think there’s about twenty more comments after that and most of them ignore the intelligent things stated above and how easy it is to make these things seem reasonable. We do this for cars. I mean we make you bring your car to a place every year and get it inspected. Then we make you legally responsible for the upkeep and mechanical failure of the car, the insurance and registration.

This all seems reasonable with cars because we’ve dealt with it so long, but there had to be a time before all of this. New things don’t usually come prepackaged with their own set of ready made laws.

Until we actually make an effort to do something about guns this is going to continue to happen because we are doing nothing about it. How do we expect it to stop or change when we’re just sitting on our hands ignoring the larger problems?

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