tumblr_mdjzf1D2T51r83e3co1_500_large-4513I’ve watched Doctor Who since early 2010, right before the Matt Smith run began. I have actually seen all of the show starting at season one (and actually I watched the two spin-offs in order with the show). This isn’t me being naïve or starting the show too late to understand, I just actually love the character Amy Pond from seasons five through seven more than any of the other companions. I think the actress, Karen Gillian, and the show runner who introduced the character, Steven Moffat, get a lot of shit for her portrayal and writing in the series. Sure, it’s totally fine to write a camp bisexual guy who kind of wants to sleep with everything that he comes across, but make a few sex jokes here and there about the female lead and all of Tumblr loses their minds.

I’m not a stranger to trying to defend what the writer of the show is doing and as we go into the eighth season and our thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor I feel like standing up for what I believe is a good, solid character arc in the show with a well written character. By the way, there’s going to be spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Amy is the only character to organically grow out of the Doctor and become his equal before leaving. When we first come across Amy the whole story seems vaguely familiar. We’ve got a young impressionable girl swept off of her feet by a man in a magical blue box while the man who loves her waits idly by for her return. Then something different happened. Amy let go of a childhood dream that was really more fantastical than reality could be to be an adult. We see this in stages. She marries Rory and her relationship with the Doctor changes and we see them go through a very understanding best friend phase. We see Rory jealous, but she undoubtedly loves him. Then we see something happen before the start of the seventh season—Amy and Rory kind of become like a home base for the Doctor. She goes from dreaming about him in a romantic fantasy way, to his friend, to family and often times caring for him and worrying over him. It’s stated outright by Rory that he reckons the Doctor has been with them for ten years in his timeline. They travel with him constantly and then on and off after that, but this is something kind of unique because for the first time in the history of the new series the Doctor has people that he considers family.

So where is it that the Doctor sees her as his equal?

After the events of “Girl Who Waited” and “God Complex” I think that any of the stuff about Amy being “beneath him” kind of dies off. This is the line that illustrates that best from “God Complex”:

I stole your childhood and now I’ve led you by the hand to your death. But the worst thing is I knew. I knew this would happen. This is what always happens. Forget your faith in me. I took you with me because I was vain. Because I wanted to be adored. Look at you, glorious Pond. The Girl Who Waited for me. I’m not a hero. I really am just a madman in a box. And it’s time we saw each other as we really are. Amy Williams. It’s time to stop waiting.”

TPOT_0011 (1)That is the line that just sent it home for me.

This ran a little longer than I intended, so we’ll just continue this tomorrow.

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