crownThe book was supposed to be called “Keep Austin Safe”. That was to be the end of it. But the name seemed less and less like what I wanted the more I typed it out and looked at it. It floated around in my head like it wasn’t good enough and like it didn’t really embody the changes the story was undergoing.

And then I up and moved the whole thing to Houston and dropped a lot of the characters.

What had been there as one story was now dramatically different to the point that the previous title didn’t make sense. The thing stayed without a title for over a year and I really felt that not having that there, not having something to call the story or refer to it by was a little discouraging. I’ve never been the best at coming up with titles and the ones that I have tried to use are usually song references or something else like that. I just didn’t want to do that. Not for the first thing I was really pushing to try and finish up and get out there.

Without giving too much of it away I settled on a title randomly while reading through some of the notes I was keeping for my writing. The word as it was being used was a name of a character, but it was one of the characters I dropped and it still had relevance to the main idea behind the story.


Simple, though that might change. I have been thinking about adding a colon and a phrase after it. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad idea, but I will think on the idea some more in the meantime. I just wanted to post that I finally had some development on this front considering that I posted a while back about not being able to think of the right thing for this story.

One thought on “Houston, We Have a Title

  1. A writer’s dilemma…I feel you there. It always takes me forever to find a title for certain things I’m working on. I’m glad you just may have found your title. Always a time for celebration lol


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