1889871903_1401840012What if I told you a story about a young boy who found a fruit that gave him special powers, but that same fruit also stole his ability to swim? What if I told you that this fruit also was unique—it was inert after the first bite and it was one of a kind for whatever power it gave. Another special fruit might bestow another special power, but no fruit would give the same power he had gotten.

No two are alike.

This might sound a little bit weird, but to some it might also seem familiar. It’s the plot to the anime One Piece. I’m not really the biggest anime fan, but I’ve got a special kind of hatred for this show. It just seems to be everything wrong with modern anime—the randomness, the off key comedy, and the lack of actual explanation for what’s going on.

Some might argue that I just don’t understand it, but I used to be able to appreciate the stuff I was seeing in anime. I wasn’t ever a fan of anime just because it was anime. But shows like Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and Full-Metal Alchemist held a special appeal to me and I felt were shining examples of what the cartoon medium could be.

It feels like the new stuff has a bad kind of randomness to it. Not the good, Ren & Stimpy  kind of random, but the bullshit Family Guy kind.

You can call me out of touch, but it feels like the shift has been away from logic in a bad way.


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