its-all-about-to-change-doctor-who-series-8-episode-1-to-be-screened-in-cinemas-around-the-worldLet me start off by saying that this is a new thing for me. Since I’m already watching Doctor Who as it comes on I figured that I could spend part of my year on this blog reviewing the show. I don’t have a real system for this yet and I really only finished the episode a few minutes ago. Going to wing it.

This blog post is going to be riddled with spoilers for season 8 episode 1 of Doctor Who.

First things first:

The New Doctor
I’m a huge Capaldi fan, first of all. Thick of It is a great show and his character in it was great. I’m happy that he was using his Scottish accent and wasn’t forced to put on some bland English accent to make the show more accessible. Scottish has a great sound to it and it gives the character a different personality from the last few Doctors

doctorwho_s08e01_02I feel like we’re far to early in all of this to just guess who the Doctor was. There was that bit with Matt Smith where he ate all the foods and that was really funny, but looking back it didn’t ring as something that defined who he would be for the rest of that season. Fun loving, maybe, But it didn’t seem as relevant later as it did funny, though there’s nothing wrong with funny.

Capaldi is dark with out entering into that David Tennant Depressing territory I was more than tired of by the end of the second season. I like the idea of the Doctor being dark, but not in that emo way. I think Matt Smith edged closer and closer to being dark as his seasons went on and that we’re going to see some of the result of that darkness in this new Doctor.

I love Clara. Sorry, but I know she’s not well liked. The truth of the matter is she’s not been in very much where she’s had a chance to shine. She really only did half a season in seven and two specials after that. We haven’t had enough time to adapt to her. But I feel like I like the little bits they’ve given us here and there. She’s fiercely brave and extremely caring in what seems to be a more “I care about this group” way. I don’t know how to describe it, but the people saying she has no personality are flat out wrong. She has some, but she’s not going to be as well rounded as Amy because when Amy left she’d been in two and a half seasons and had all this time to grow and breath. We have to get used to seeing someone we don’t know.

The Paternoster Gang
Somewhere along the line it became cool to hate Strax, Jenny and Vastra, but I must have missed the memo. I feel like they’re on key most of the time, they serve their purpose and they have distinct personalities and quirks. What’s interesting is that we really see them very little and we get hints here and there about their pasts. But Moffat’s writing is really good at making characters we see in blips and between little spots seem well fleshed out and like they’re seeing the Doctor some of the time when we’re not seeing him. I like this idea that we only see a small portion of the Doctor’s travels.

I think they help solidify that point.

The Plot
I was shocked to see that this all played back into something that happened in Moffat’s episode in season two. Someone commented that the Doctor should have remembered faster, but it’s been over one thousand years for him since that shit happened. The Doctor spent nine hundred years on Tenzalore alone.

I thought this was a brilliant thing to bring back and that it was used in a fresh way. Though I feel like it was far creepier in the original episode. The sound the robots made was much more distinct and it really creeped me the Hell out.

This was a fun way to turn what had been a monster of the week standalone into something that has a connection to another part of the series.

References, Mysteries, ETC
The new opening is very different and it’s probably the biggest change in the opening that the show has had since it came back on air. It’s a lot busier and looks like it took more work, but I really like it.

It also seems like Moffat is delivering on his promise that we’re going to solve some mysteries about where the Doctor gets his faces from. I’m wondering if this will allow us some chances to see old actors in bit roles. Like a Matt Smith companion character for a single episode or a David Tennant one. I doubt that happens, but it would be cool.

I’m sure everyone else caught it, but he references the “Home, the long way round” line when talking to cyborg. 

One small thing I would like to point out about the picture at the top of this post. It shows the head of UNIT and the girl with the scarf from UNIT we met in the fiftieth anniversary. I am really, really hoping we see those characters again.

It looks like this ran longer than I wanted it to. I really need to think of some format to do these in and some stuff that I would like to bring to light during them. I really did enjoy the episode and I am loving Capaldi’s Doctor.


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