Now, I’m going to come right out and say it: I’m a petty person. I’m not afraid to admit it. When I see someone that I don’t like doing badly I get a little skip in my step. Maybe it’s not okay to voice these opinions out in the open of the world. I don’t really know these things, but I don’t think that I’m alone in this because thought process because it’s just too easy of a way to be about things.

That’s why I was kind of happy to see people speaking out against Jenna Marbles. It’s too bad that this all happened two years ago. I missed out on all of this because I gave up on Jenna Marbles after some other videos when I realized that she wasn’t as much speaking out with new ideas or being edgy as she was saying all of the things that society has made it perfectly clear that it believes. She appears edgy because she’s cursing a lot (somehow cursing is still edgy to us) and there’s this underlying thought that a pretty woman shouldn’t have these thoughts.

But she still does and that somehow makes her one of the highest rated vloggers on YouTube. There seems to be a lot of popularity surrounding the idea that someone gets out there and says things that are a larger part of the public consciousness and just lend themselves to being part of the status quo and they end up getting millions of views. People love to hear what they believe regurgitated back out at them from another source. That’s why Fox News was so popular. That’s why people love to see movies like God’s Not Dead and Heaven is For Real. People don’t want to believe what they believe; they want to believe what they believe and have others prove that belief is right. It’s less common to find people who seek out those who challenge their beliefs and force them to reevaluate their thinking than to find people who feel just like them and therefore won’t question anything that they believe.

That being said, I’m doing the same thing. I’ve come to strongly believe that Chelsea Fagan is the best thing about the website Thought Catalog. And of course she agrees to some small degree with me about Jenna in this article. I don’t think that Jenna’s videos or as funny or interesting as Chelsea seems to and I’ve felt for a long time like the people calling Jenna a feminist were the kind of people who called other feminists cunts. It seems like a lot of the ideas Jenna has are the kind of stuff that I hear being said by guys on Pick Up Artist websites.

I feel like this is the thing that makes her so popular and that’s why when I found out there was some talk about her being in the wrong I read up on it, because it felt like I had been the odd one out for a long time. It felt like I had been the only person who thought Jenna Marbles wasn’t all that she was cracked up to be.

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