The Caretaker and the Doctor

3a7b59c4c7eaf45746d30e0f2ce748d1Just another in the long line of names that the Doctor has given himself or been given by himself (as is the case with the Dreamlord in Amy’s Choice). The funny thing is there was a little bit of Amy’s Choice in this episode in the way that the Doctor and Danny Pink were vying for the attention of Clara and she was forced to choose one or the other.

Sure it wasn’t a choice between two romantic interests, but it was a choice and there was the Doctor masquerading as someone else—so I thought back to that event.

The end result was the big difference here. The male lead did something aggressive, attacked a dangerous alien head on to by them time, to prove himself. Whereas Rory kind of died in a dream to help prove his. I really like season five, but I hated season five Rory. I think, given how he turned out, it’s okay. But watching it back then I wanted nothing to do with him in any of the stories.

I feel the opposite about Danny Pink. I’ve been waiting for the moment when the real Danny Pink would step into the TARDIS and fly off with the Doctor and Clara. I had kind of hoped it would just happen as it did before, two teachers from Coal Hill School flying off into the Time and Space with the Doctor. That’s how the show first began in 1963, it seems to be a fitting way for it to continue fifty one years later.

The monster in the episode was kind of an afterthought. For a split moment at the beginning I thought I was seeing the eye stalk of a Dalek and I got upset. Glad that wasn’t the case. There seems to be a lot more of the episodes where the monster doesn’t matter as much as what we learned about the people in and around the TARDIS and I like that trend. The show can still be dark without having the feature larger than life aliens every week.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this episode. I liked it and I think the season, so far is showing promise.

One thing I would like to point out for those who watched The Thick of It, the show that Peter Capaldi was previously on. Chris Addison who looked like this last Saturday night:


Previously looked like this getting dressed down by Malcolm Tucker:


Something inside me wants to believe that they will make reference to this. Even if it’s just the smallest thing when the two characters meet on screen. “For some reason, you’re face just makes me want to yell at you.”

This is What a Male Feminist Looks Like

Can we talk about male feminists and the idea of what it’s like to be a man who supports women’s struggle for equal rights?

Yes, I know I haven’t watched or commented on the last episode of Doctor Who, yet. My blog, my rules. It’ll happen Tuesday.

There’s been a thing that’s been bothering me for a while. We know that people of all walks of life join all different kinds of movements. Women aren’t exclusively the only feminists out there, but when it comes to men there seems to be a wide opinion of what they’re after, who they are and what one might expect.

ByOsWCrCAAA1rxL A friend of mine posted this article about the after effects of Emma Watson’s speech to the UN. There was a comment on the article about how cute the guys are. It just seems odd that after so much push to be seen as more than their looks we have women still making comments like that.

But it’s not uncommon.

When you go to the subreddit /r/creepypms on Reddit the picture at the top is of an over weight slimy looking guy riding away on a bike. The idea that only these kind of men are belittling women and that the supportive guys and the guys that are relevant look a certain way. Slender, with copious wrist bands, messy hair, white—it seems that there’s a bit of a trend.

Sure it’s not a one hundred percent thing. For example:


Louis CK is the shit. He’s also pretty vocal about women’s issues and raises two daughters who he talks about extensively in his stand up. He’s not the standard of attractive that we have come to expect and as a guy who is also not what would be considered “attractive” by most; I feel like we need to do more to make things both sexes do about feminist more about what they actually do, not holding up signs on Twitter with deep, contemplative expressions on your face.

And this isn’t to say that those men don’t believe in the cause they’re holding a sign up for. This isn’t me trying to act like this is a game only for certain men or some kind of exclusive club. Just call it a symptom of being considered creepy for doing the same things that “attractive” men do without consequence. You start to see things differently when you support something that does something counter productive like this or spends time dumping on Beyonce because she’s not the right kind of feminist. You still see the movement as important and relevant. But you see that there are those there willing to be self serving even if it hurts the movement or those who might not realize that what they’re saying and doing works against what should be their true goal: equal rights for all.

Simple Lesson: If Someone Wants To Talk To You…

phone-off-hook-de-45542603At some point in the past year I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t want to deal with people who are just going to be flakey with me. I used to make excuses for them even when I had sacrificed my time and convenience to meet up with them only to find out that they hadn’t showed up (again). I used to think they were busy when I didn’t hear back from them for weeks even when they were on Facebook that same day complaining about how bored they were.

Now I just can’t be bothered to try and keep communication with people who don’t care enough to try and initiate conversation with me or at the very least talk back to me when I speak to them.

I wish that I could say that I learned this earlier in life, because it seems like a really simple concept to grasp. “Does someone want to talk to you? Gasp. Then they will.” We jump through hoops trying to decide how much a person wants to talk to you, usually if they do want to they just will.

It’s that easy.

Your time is better spent on people that want you around, right?

Unconditional Love

Google-CokeCan we stop worshiping companies now? Is that too much to ask? No it really doesn’t sound like much, but people don’t seem to get the concept. In a world where people generally don’t trust the government, an entity charged with protecting them and creating order, it’s funny how willing they are to throw their lot in with the likes of those that are just out to make money.

It seems like the American public especially is really into the idea that they have to pick a side and stick with it, even when that side does wrong. People still defend Microsoft after their tremendous failure with the X-Box One, this isn’t coming from some kind of bias, Microsoft literally tried to kill the used game market and squeeze everything they could out of their customers and it bit them in the ass. We’ve got people defending iPhones that bend when they’re not supposed to bend. We’ve got people who ran out first day and bought Sims 4 (actually I could spend all of the time writing this talking about the video game market. Since the launch of the two new consoles we’ve seen a switch more to online only game play (Titanfall, Destiny) and we’ve seen less emphasis on intricate stories. On top of that the games coming out seem to have massive hype machines with nothing to show for it.). I know that was a wrong break, but the problem with Sims 4 is that the game doesn’t have most of the features that launched in Sims 3 and 2. Why you might ask. Because Electronic Arts the company that publishes Sims can nickel and dime the consumer with add-ons that give users features that they didn’t have to pay for before.

And yet we stand behind these things and defend them to the death. You’ve never seen a rallying of people ready to explain why what they have is the best thing ever until you’ve spoken to a video game fan (even the pompous PC ones who like to think they’re above the console war, yet never let a chance to talk about how they’re better than all the consoles pass by).

Really the issue is that we’ve created and environment where they don’t have to advertise about what they are or what they do. They’ve gained little cults of personality who swarm around them and do their bidding. Google is a great company that does great things, but they can do no wrong when you hear some people tell it.

Do we really thing these kind of consumer-brand relationships is safe? It’s okay to love your products and what they do for you and how they make you life easier, but you don’t have to love them unconditionally.

Feminists never stand up to other feminists. Except they totally do.

For those opponents of feminism that claim that the fact that the group doesn’t call out the wrong in its own ranks discredits it here is a piece where we see just that being done.

Stop believing the force put behind these movements to discredit the “unfavorable” movements that people don’t want to see happening around them. It’s a bullshit notion. A groups right to equal rights isn’t dependent on a few bad apples.

Going on a Time Heist

57258Now I don’t want you to think that I forgot about reviewing this episode of Doctor Who, but I do want to keep it very short. I didn’t love this episode and it seems like mostly a filler, but at the same time I didn’t hate it either. The mystery was generally neat and like I keep saying, they’re using time to effectively tell stories now that don’t just include a trip back to the past or forward.

Time is more than a means to move characters to interesting places. It’s integral to the plot.

That’s what the episode did right. It didn’t really do much wrong, but it didn’t really do anything amazing. It did actually make me jump once when the monster was around the corner and she turned to see it. But jump-scares are a dime a dozen.

There’s something to be said about Moffat and his love of the best or biggest thing in the universe. Karabraxos is the biggest most secure prison. The Library is the biggest, best library that has every book in existence. There’s probably more examples of this peppered throughout his writing tenure on the show. Some might mind this, but I really don’t. Show me the biggest and best and for the love of all that’s holy don’t confine the show to Earth.

Probably the most interesting person this go round was Miss Delphox who was played by Keeley Hawes. She was part Dolores Umbridge, part sexy business woman and they played her controlling demeanor off of the Doctor’s in kind of a twist ending when you find out that the Doctor was the person who set the heist up all along and she was the person who owned the bank all along.

Though they kind of need to let up on this stuff where the Doctor plays tricks on himself. That is getting a little old.

“Selfie” Review: John Cho and Karen Gillan’s new Sit-Com

selfieIn a world of the aging situation comedy (Two and a Half Men) and the mysteriously popular situation comedy (Big Bang Theory) it’s nice to have something to laugh at on Network TV. After season three of New Girl grew stale (I still haven’t watched the very ending of it) I thought I was done with everything on the over the air channels except for Supernatural and Originals.

And then I heard Karen Gillan and John Cho were coming to a new show, Selfie. I’ve been a fan of Gillan since she stepped in front of the camera on Doctor Who back in 2010 and John Cho provided me with a lot of laughs in the Harold and Kumar series and a show that probably no one remembers called Off Centre.

Selfie is a retelling of My Fair Lady, which was a retelling of Pygmalion (which I had never heard of until this past week). Gillan plays Eliza, a woman with questionable social intelligence who enlists the help of Henry (John Cho) to help fix her. The comedy beats seem to be well spaced out, but the show is funny and more than once I laughed hard enough that my roommate stuck his head in to check on me.

Despite what the title and the theme song might make it seem like the show makes a sincere effort at using the core material in an updated way and showing some genuine emotion. Cho and Gillan are always fun to watch and both really charismatic. The one small gripe I have is that they probably shouldn’t have bothered to try and change Karen’s accent because she’s not consistent with it and how hard is it to say she moved here as a kid and she just never started to speak like us. She already uses the slang of an American, so it makes sense.

I really want to see this show make it and see where they’re going to take it. I worry that the premise is something they will have to adjust once things get further along. If you’re not wanting to check it out on Hulu, Selife starts Tuesday September 30th at 7:00 PM Central/ 8:00 PM Eastern.