I’ve been busying myself with the details of moving, namely money. Money is pretty much what makes the world go around and decides what it is we will and won’t do.

And it’s not the discussion we’re having today.

Sometime Sunday, while I was out with friends celebrating going away a shit-ton of nude images of celebrities were leaked online by a supposed hacker.

I don’t think we need to duscuss privacy, except to say that it’s not like we’ve ever given a rat’s ass about it when it comes to celebrities. We assume that they’re owned by the public, that they owe us their private time as some sort of pinnance for being popular.

Deep down inside we’re all just that geeky high school kid who wants to see some kind of punishment exacted on the popular people–even if they honestly did nothing to deserve it and are otherwise talented individuals.

But that’s not the only problem. I don’t think this leak would be as awful in the eyes of the women and men it affected if the comments about what exactly has happened weren’t so filled with utter disregard.

Let’s face it, a lot of people like looking at naked pictures. Naked pictures of friends. Naked pictures of lovers. Naked pictures of strangers who are paid to get naked for other strangers to look at…

It’s pretty much a billion dollar industry that most of the participants aren’t even being paid to participate in.

But there’s no need to be dehumanizing about someone’s naked body. There’s no need to be shameful or to treat it like you’ve got a right to see them or that this is punshment for them daring to have sexuality.

There’s a sick disconnect between the idea that these people are people and that these people are objects. These comments are worse than a simple “she’s hot”. And they’ve built up a community around them.

Despite the origin of the whole thing, Reddit seems to be the nexus and looking at the comments there on almost anything it’s easy to see hatred of women and other shitty attitudes bubbling under the surface.

If women that were nude in pictures weren’t treated like shameful cautionary tales I think it would be far less of an issue for more women who were seen nude. It would be harder for vindictive boyfriends to get back at exes by dumping pictures online. Jobs wouldn’t be able to fire women who had posed nude before.

We want to brag about how far our society has come, but I thing 2014 has proven that we really haven’t come that far at all.


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