Did I miss something here? WcLrIUwAre we no longer allowed to have fun watching this show? Because it seems that way.

I was a little late to the party and I watched this latest episode late Sunday night. I’ve been ill and it was something I wanted to do with a clear head.

People have been all over the net complaining about the last episode and how stupid it was. Doctor Who is going to be silly and over the top at times. I’ll accept more of that kind of thing in an episode that’s not part of the main story.

We see Clara and the Doctor just kind of picking random places and going to them and him taking her to see Robin Hood. The initial meeting between the two of them and the sword/spoon fight was brilliant. People will talk about how it goes back to Tennant, but really it goes back to the old Doctors and he even sword fought with the Master once.

Not sure why after being bested Robin continues to pick on the Doctor’s age.

Some of the best bits from this one for me were that initial fight (as I just said).

The Archery competition, which is kind of a staple of the Robin Hood story and it was nicely pulled off.

And the sequences in the prison with Robin and the Doctor arguing and the Sheriff thinking Clara was the leader.

Actually the bit where Clara pumped the Sheriff for information was really good—I wonder when fans will realize that Clara has character (and really has all along).

Actually, when I was searching for the below picture I found a cosplay from this episode of that red dress and I thought “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” People work fast.  tumblr_nb8gqn9dCG1tjxct6o1_500

There isn’t much to say about this episode though, it was filler, it was silly and it was fun. I am enjoying Capaldi’s take on the Doctor and I am liking Clara more too. There does seem to be something different about how this season is being shot. It’s not a bad thing, but the camera work seems different somehow. I might have to break out the blu-rays and do some comparisons.

There’s also this mystery, the promised land and all of that. Most of the seasons of New Who have some mystery. Bad Wolf, Vote Saxxon, Torchwood, vanishing stars, the Pandorica and so on.

This one is shaping up to be really interesting though it kind of does remind me of season six’s “The Woman in the Walls” bit. I’m happy with the show and happy that we changed enough after Smith but kept some of the old flare.

The preview for the next one looks creepy. Can’t wait.

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