destiny_by_ecodigital-d5vuqdxI guess this was the inevitable place for gaming to end up. We should have seen the signs, starting all the way back with Halo.

Multiplayer seems to have become all that matters. We saw people raving over Titanfall earlier this year and now we have Destiny. The spiritual successor to the “Game of the Moment” award that was once held by Titanfall.

These online only games for console seem to be the kind of thing we railed against when the X-Box One tried to make their whole system online only. What happened to multiplayer being a feature and not the whole fucking game.

I don’t know about others, but I play games for story. I play games so that I can get wrapped up in something and not be forced to interact with the jackasses that I know some other gamers are. I don’t understand when it became a point of complaint when a game doesn’t shoehorn a multiplayer in (like people did with Bioshock Infinite, using that as a complaint in a game that had a wonderfully crafted story).

Now, I have only watched the game being played. But it seems like every other first person shooter that takes place in a distance future that I’ve seen. The opening story seems like it might be interesting, but I read the rest of it and it seems to go completely to shit. It’s really hard to imagine a story where you could feel like your character was important when you’re one of thousands taking part in it. Either it’s cutting the other players out or it’s making you another brick in the wall that’s holding back the tide.

I don’t know when gamers will stop falling for the E3 eye candy. When I said that Watchdogs looked like a GTA clone, people claimed it wasn’t. Then it totally was. Titanfall pretty much showed how much Microsoft shit the bed because it still didn’t net them the sales they wanted and it was predictable because the game basically had nothing resembling a point besides online. Now we have this game that’s doing a very similar thing and people are lining up to shell out money, and I get there’s not much else out, but they’re also acting like what they’re playing is the most amazing thing ever.


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