Google-CokeCan we stop worshiping companies now? Is that too much to ask? No it really doesn’t sound like much, but people don’t seem to get the concept. In a world where people generally don’t trust the government, an entity charged with protecting them and creating order, it’s funny how willing they are to throw their lot in with the likes of those that are just out to make money.

It seems like the American public especially is really into the idea that they have to pick a side and stick with it, even when that side does wrong. People still defend Microsoft after their tremendous failure with the X-Box One, this isn’t coming from some kind of bias, Microsoft literally tried to kill the used game market and squeeze everything they could out of their customers and it bit them in the ass. We’ve got people defending iPhones that bend when they’re not supposed to bend. We’ve got people who ran out first day and bought Sims 4 (actually I could spend all of the time writing this talking about the video game market. Since the launch of the two new consoles we’ve seen a switch more to online only game play (Titanfall, Destiny) and we’ve seen less emphasis on intricate stories. On top of that the games coming out seem to have massive hype machines with nothing to show for it.). I know that was a wrong break, but the problem with Sims 4 is that the game doesn’t have most of the features that launched in Sims 3 and 2. Why you might ask. Because Electronic Arts the company that publishes Sims can nickel and dime the consumer with add-ons that give users features that they didn’t have to pay for before.

And yet we stand behind these things and defend them to the death. You’ve never seen a rallying of people ready to explain why what they have is the best thing ever until you’ve spoken to a video game fan (even the pompous PC ones who like to think they’re above the console war, yet never let a chance to talk about how they’re better than all the consoles pass by).

Really the issue is that we’ve created and environment where they don’t have to advertise about what they are or what they do. They’ve gained little cults of personality who swarm around them and do their bidding. Google is a great company that does great things, but they can do no wrong when you hear some people tell it.

Do we really thing these kind of consumer-brand relationships is safe? It’s okay to love your products and what they do for you and how they make you life easier, but you don’t have to love them unconditionally.


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