Can we talk about male feminists and the idea of what it’s like to be a man who supports women’s struggle for equal rights?

Yes, I know I haven’t watched or commented on the last episode of Doctor Who, yet. My blog, my rules. It’ll happen Tuesday.

There’s been a thing that’s been bothering me for a while. We know that people of all walks of life join all different kinds of movements. Women aren’t exclusively the only feminists out there, but when it comes to men there seems to be a wide opinion of what they’re after, who they are and what one might expect.

ByOsWCrCAAA1rxL A friend of mine posted this article about the after effects of Emma Watson’s speech to the UN. There was a comment on the article about how cute the guys are. It just seems odd that after so much push to be seen as more than their looks we have women still making comments like that.

But it’s not uncommon.

When you go to the subreddit /r/creepypms on Reddit the picture at the top is of an over weight slimy looking guy riding away on a bike. The idea that only these kind of men are belittling women and that the supportive guys and the guys that are relevant look a certain way. Slender, with copious wrist bands, messy hair, white—it seems that there’s a bit of a trend.

Sure it’s not a one hundred percent thing. For example:


Louis CK is the shit. He’s also pretty vocal about women’s issues and raises two daughters who he talks about extensively in his stand up. He’s not the standard of attractive that we have come to expect and as a guy who is also not what would be considered “attractive” by most; I feel like we need to do more to make things both sexes do about feminist more about what they actually do, not holding up signs on Twitter with deep, contemplative expressions on your face.

And this isn’t to say that those men don’t believe in the cause they’re holding a sign up for. This isn’t me trying to act like this is a game only for certain men or some kind of exclusive club. Just call it a symptom of being considered creepy for doing the same things that “attractive” men do without consequence. You start to see things differently when you support something that does something counter productive like this or spends time dumping on Beyonce because she’s not the right kind of feminist. You still see the movement as important and relevant. But you see that there are those there willing to be self serving even if it hurts the movement or those who might not realize that what they’re saying and doing works against what should be their true goal: equal rights for all.


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