3a7b59c4c7eaf45746d30e0f2ce748d1Just another in the long line of names that the Doctor has given himself or been given by himself (as is the case with the Dreamlord in Amy’s Choice). The funny thing is there was a little bit of Amy’s Choice in this episode in the way that the Doctor and Danny Pink were vying for the attention of Clara and she was forced to choose one or the other.

Sure it wasn’t a choice between two romantic interests, but it was a choice and there was the Doctor masquerading as someone else—so I thought back to that event.

The end result was the big difference here. The male lead did something aggressive, attacked a dangerous alien head on to by them time, to prove himself. Whereas Rory kind of died in a dream to help prove his. I really like season five, but I hated season five Rory. I think, given how he turned out, it’s okay. But watching it back then I wanted nothing to do with him in any of the stories.

I feel the opposite about Danny Pink. I’ve been waiting for the moment when the real Danny Pink would step into the TARDIS and fly off with the Doctor and Clara. I had kind of hoped it would just happen as it did before, two teachers from Coal Hill School flying off into the Time and Space with the Doctor. That’s how the show first began in 1963, it seems to be a fitting way for it to continue fifty one years later.

The monster in the episode was kind of an afterthought. For a split moment at the beginning I thought I was seeing the eye stalk of a Dalek and I got upset. Glad that wasn’t the case. There seems to be a lot more of the episodes where the monster doesn’t matter as much as what we learned about the people in and around the TARDIS and I like that trend. The show can still be dark without having the feature larger than life aliens every week.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this episode. I liked it and I think the season, so far is showing promise.

One thing I would like to point out for those who watched The Thick of It, the show that Peter Capaldi was previously on. Chris Addison who looked like this last Saturday night:


Previously looked like this getting dressed down by Malcolm Tucker:


Something inside me wants to believe that they will make reference to this. Even if it’s just the smallest thing when the two characters meet on screen. “For some reason, you’re face just makes me want to yell at you.”


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