drwho1I would like to start off by saying this as bluntly as possible. If you’re not enjoying a show and you feel the need to bitch about it all of the time online and to friends then get out. Seriously, there’s nothing enjoyable about listening to someone whine about a show week after week in a bitter way because what they want isn’t happening. The Doctor still isn’t David Tennant and the storylines actually take some thinking and involve (gasp) time travel instead of being parts of Cardiff made to look like London.

Now then, spoiler alert.

That having been said, I enjoyed this episode if only for the ending. The rest of it was kind of meh and it didn’t really hold the sense of wonder for me that it should have. Maybe I’m brain dead from listening to an audio book of an old right wing lunatic’s rape fantasy (I’m listening to John Ringo’s Paladin of Shadows for you people) or maybe it would have been a really weak episode without Clara going nuclear.

This season really is Clara’s season, we have the new Doctor and we’re figuring him out and all, but it seems like with these last few episodes we’re seeing what happened to Amy in season five happen to Clara now that the writing isn’t distracted with the whole Impossible Girl thing. And we’re seeing something play out from last season (remember there was the mini-clue of the woman in the flower shop giving Clara the number to the TARDIS, that happened last season and it wasn’t just a throwaway fact). I have always liked Clara, but I felt like before her arc depended too much on things outside of her control and the Doctor’s perception of her.

Now we’re seeing her act under different stressors and butt heads with the Doctor and kind of butt heads with him in a way that no one really has before.

I thought this was going to be a throw away episode, but the ending took all that away.

And before I wrap this up, I would like to say one more thing in a plea to fans who might be reading this. Please, for the love of God stop hanging onto old Doctors and companions. Maybe you liked whoever it might be, but if you never are going to give a chance to the new people who fill the roles, just walk away from the show. David Tennant isn’t coming back. Tom Baker isn’t coming back. The show has always had that element of change going back to the time when the first Doctor turned into the second and accepting that change and giving the new actor a chance is part of liking the show.

Moffat kind of wrote a bit into the first episode of this season to poke at the fans who called Capaldi too old and criticized being unable to lust after the Doctor and thus not having the ability to watch the show anymore. I think that’s something people need to get over with companions too. Not finding Clara attractive isn’t a valid critique of the show. Not being mad she’s not Amy or Donna or fucking Rose isn’t a valid critique of the show (and in the case of Rose her actual tenure ended in like 2006, can we please move the fuck on?)

It’s getting tiring to having to wade through the same comments over and over about the years gone past that have nothing to do with what’s happening right now. I’m sure that I’m not the only fan that feels that way.

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