1412470439154_wps_20_Ben_Affleck_vs_Bill_MaherThis has been blowing up the internet for the last few days and while I didn’t want to make my whole post today about it, because I felt that everything that’s been said already is all that can be said, I do want to point out that to anyone with ears who is willing to control their emotions it’s obvious Ben Affleck wasn’t fucking listening.

It’s also obvious that Bill Maher’s reputation isn’t that well known. The guy bashes religion week after week. He talks about Catholics and other Christians all of the time and to some extent he talks about the Jews. My issue with this is that when he does that no one ever gets up in arms. No one comes to complain or makes a big stink online about him bashing these other religions, but when he calls Islam out everyone loses their minds.


And it proves Maher’s point entirely. White, liberal America doesn’t want to talk about the problems in Islam. Even though there are valid complaints about all religions you can bring up and there are radical forms of most of the large religions, the one most exempt from criticism with them is the oddly always Islam.

Someone will probably call me a racist the same way they tried to call Maher racist, but despite my dislike of Maher I have to respect him because he’s one of the most no-bullshit commentators out there for politics, issues of race and religion.

People have to learn to give and take criticism about things like this. That’s why it’s scary that people in the United States want a theocracy. That number was widely reported when it came out and really it kind of makes me think less of my own country. I mean, sure that’s not a majority, thirty four percent, but we should be past wanting that sort of thing because it doesn’t work.  Then you hear about the sixty-four percent of people in Pakistan and Egypt that support death as a punishment for leaving Islam and you wonder how anyone can defend something like that.

We have to stop worrying about the things that went on in the past between the West and the Near and Middle East. It seems that people are perfectly alright with bitching about the Catholic Church during the Crusades, but they shy away from this number—which is really a Crusade era type of thought.

I don’t always like Maher, but I feel the need to stand up with him because he seems to speak to what’s really going on more often than not, even if it’s in a blunt sometimes rude way. And with people unable to wake up and see what’s happening around them most of the time we need that.


2 thoughts on “Affleck’s Defense of Islam

  1. Hi Justin, Great work on this post! I’m not a big Maher fan either but you’ve convinced me that Maher managed to make a point (still not a fan, though, haha). I also have a quick question about your blog, is there an email address I can reach you at?

    Thanks! Lily
    lilyst22 at gmail


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