logoI’ve been seeing this thing around the internet for the last few days about the end of the era of cartoons on Saturday morning. My only reaction was “meh”. In a world where you can turn on one of half a dozen cable channels geared specifically towards kids, a few channels showing stuff early on one morning doesn’t mean as much.

The best cartoons have been on cable for almost a decade now and a few networks limped along fighting because they saw a reason to. But it doesn’t really change my life or my world around me. It won’t change anything going on around most of us, so why are people so mopey and sad in the comments?

It feels like there’s not really genuine emotion anymore coming from people. At least not when it’s appropriate. These people who sit there talking about how greatly the cartoons they’re not watching Saturday mornings will be missed are the same people who will scoff at the victims of Ebola, turn a blind eye to the victims of atrocities overseas and here and the same people that don’t generally give a shit about upcoming elections or even know that there is one.

“How can I tell that these people don’t watch cartoons in that time slot” you might be asking. Because if all the people complaining about this great loss did watch them, then they wouldn’t be going off. People are so ready to be distraught over nostalgia and want to hold anything old in high esteem. Yes, most of us liked cartoons growing up. But get over it. Times change, things go away and die and we move on. This isn’t a big deal, it won’t affect 90% of you (or more). People need to stop pausing to cry over these things and make a big deal out of them because it obviously wasn’t a big enough deal for you to care before.


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