Going to try to keep this short. I know I say that a lot, but I rarely do it. I picked up the fresh off the presses Batgril #35, the issue that I blogged about being the big change over in the tone of the series, and let me just say did they keep that promise. comics

The art is more light hearted and brighter and Batgirl is moved out of the dreary downtown section of Gotham to live in trendy, upbeat Burnside. the transition might be jarring. The new team goes fast like their ripping off a band-aid, but I think it’s time to stop pandering to comic book readers as if there’s only one type of reader reading these things.

Yes, there’s a girly tone to the book now. But it’s odd to see that leveled as criticism when roughly half of the planet is girls and some of those girls will more than likely like girly stuff. And some of the guys won’t mind something in that tone if it’s well written (and drawn).

I’m not sure how far in advance these things are written, but the story seems ripped from the headlines of the iCloud hacking scandal. Someone in Gotham is stealing phones and collecting the data on them to expose the secret lives of others. That’s the villain for this book. I liked it and it didn’t have that depressing tone so many other comics seem to need to have (what’s with DC and not wanting people to have fun?).

Also the art is nice. Babs Tarr has a real stand out style.


If you’re worn thin on brooding superheroes I would give this one a try.


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