mummy_on_the_orient_expressIt’s been a busy few days for me. I haven’t been feeling super well and my mood has been crap to say the least. But I’m coping and I’ve learned to do this without having to bring others around me down.

This isn’t to do with the Doctor Who episode from last Saturday. That was fantastic. That might be setting season eight up to be one of the best seasons of New-Who. The mummy angle was brilliant and offered a real mystery, but the drama with the Doctor and Clara was the real meat and potatoes of the episode. I think her reaction is the first time in the new show we’ve seen someone really react realistically to the Doctor changing. Before we had Rose who really only cared for a single episode and when we were introduced to Eleven he was meeting a new companion and Amy didn’t have a reason to react.

A man you’ve just been traveling with for months has suddenly turned into an entirely different person with different moods and a changed temperament. Clara isn’t handling that well and nor should she be expected to, but we’re getting to see that the Doctor cares about her underneath it all and that really is what she needed to know. This seems like an honest mistake (I mean the tickets were free. Free!).

I don’t really have much to say about this episode and my head is cluttered right now. But it was solid and I think this bodes well for this season and this Doctor. Capaldi is shaping up to be my second favorite and he’s bringing fans back to the show.

I suspect that some of the people who didn’t like the show with Matt Smith really just didn’t like Smith, which I don’t get. Then again I have a less than favorable opinion of Tennant, so to each their own I guess.

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