Busy Writing

Believe it or not, I still put in time writing a good amount of the week. I’ve even had some semblance of an idea of what this story is shaping up to be about. I know, it’s not the best example when you’ve got the whole thing coming down the pipes and you’re still not sure what it is you’re writing exactly. Needless to say, I’ve had a lot of free time lately. I’ve also noticed that the more free time that I have, the more time I spend not filling it with writing.

When I’m hard at work it seems that writing comes a lot easier because I am constantly busy and thinking about how I need to just get home and work on this writing. I used to find that keeping track of the writing that I was working on and the word count I amassed each day helped me tremendously. These days it doesn’t do so much. I’m jumping back and forth so much and changing issues here and there in the story that it doesn’t really end up being all that easy for me to tell what did change and how many words it too.

It doesn’t really matter. Worrying over word count is great and it feels good when you’re getting those words on the page, but I’ve spent far too long beating myself up over the lack of writing at times when I could have been trying to write or doing something else.

There’s something romanticized about the self loathing of it all, but I don’t think it’s the only way to do this. I think that’s why I am so against the ideas put forth by NANOWRIMO. It seems like something designed to help, but it really seems to encourage people who aren’t used to writing to force themselves to do something that’s not easy and that you have to train yourself to do. And then, even when you’ve done it, you’ve put yourself there on the page to be vulnerable.


The Weight of the Issue

I’ve been noticing more and more that people have a strong hatred of the overweight. We’re not even talking about people who are big enough to be featured on a TLC reality show—I just mean people who happen to be twenty or thirty pounds overweight. This idea that you can just lose it, or that the weight comes off of everyone just as easily is something I don’t really understand.

You’ll see people claiming they’ve done all this study about weight loss and the like, but then they’ll never acknowledge that maybe it’s a little bit harder for some people (or the fact that it’s been proven that belittling someone makes them less likely to lose the weight). There is kind of this internet culture that is made that people out there dare to be bigger than they should be. People who are disgusted by the prospect of something that doesn’t really affect them.

I mean, sure, they’ll tell you it makes their insurance prices higher because they’re having to share the burden of treating people, but a lot of things like smoking and drinking do that too and no one really gets all that mad about those things.

Not sure when it happened, but around the time I started seeing more and more people talk about accepting their weight and body the way it is this other thing started to pop up that was upset about that. That’s what is really going on with a lot of issues: people are upset with personal choices made by others that don’t concern or affect them. Most of these people are the same ones that preach about libertarianism, free speech and the right to do what they want.

Go figure.

Underlying Problems With Reddit

It doesn’t take much digging to learn that Reddit has hundreds, if not thousands, of little eighteen-plus sections with not safe for work content galore. And some that are just pictures of pretty women and handsome men, too. For one that fits work safe side of things, just Google search “Reddit Gentleman Boners” and you’ll find pages of beautiful celebrities dressed in formal wear. As you scroll down you’ll realize something slowly, though.

The section features almost exclusively white women and it’s not the only one. Most of the sections that are for posting pictures of beautiful are just like this. And it’s not for lack of trying. When a person of color is posted the comments tend to be racist and, often times, the post itself will receive down votes.

I’ve spoken before about how Reddit puts on this façade to make itself sound like this progressive thinking place for educated sixteen to forty year olds. In reality, Reddit seems to attract people who often hold sexist, racist or just fucked up opinions. These people aren’t a vocal minority as the voting system often shows. Thus, the need for the people of color versions of a lot of sections is explained. People didn’t want to see us there, even though many people find people of all races attractive, it’s frowned upon.

Probably one of the most baffling prejudices that Reddit seems to have a problem with is over weight people. Especially overweight women, if you post as a woman over a certain weight or with a different body type than what’s acceptable you’re going to get talked about. A lot of the comments on weight in many areas aren’t regulated the way someone calling someone a faggot or nigger would be. You’ll find people calling woman disgusting, cows, fat cunts and all manner of other things simply because they bother to show themselves on the internet.

And because of Reddit’s libertarian free speech bullshit (which essentially boils down to one of the main problems with Reddit, hiding behind the idea of free speech when there clearly is a problem with what’s being said, even when the thing being said might be illegal, like posting nudes of a minor) people seem to take the opportunity to blast over weight people. This isn’t just something that happens in certain areas, it happens in a lot of the larger parts of the site. It’s to the point that the only good thing an overweight person can say, even someone slightly overweight, is that they’re working on losing it. That might not even be enough to save them.

Not going to say that I am not going to use the site. The site is very useful, but I believe that the site should be looked at for what it is. This idea that it’s the most relevant place to go to for all things is kind of a sham. A certain kind of person goes to Reddit and uses the popular part of the site (there are many parts that hardly see the light of day) and those kind of people have created a little community of sorts to support their ideals and world views. Reddit has given them the means to support this system via the upvote and comments.

People need to be aware that the way “Reddit” feels only represents that, the way Reddit feels. There are a lot of other opinions out there and some just off the beaten path inside of Reddit itself. It’s important you look for them.