Writing has been very slow going, mostly because I can’t decide what I want this story to be in terms of the villain. Am I writing about a concrete person or creature that the characters are up against or more of a general sense of dread and darkness that comes from a more abstract source? While I’ve been going back and forth on this I decided that I might need to work on another piece.

My relationship with fan fiction has been a love/hate kind of thing. I don’t think it’s lowly or anything of that sort—it’s just that for a medium that could be so filled with interesting ideas about things introduced in the source material fan fiction spends a lot of it’s time just being love stories with no plot other than X and X hook up.

Still, when I thought of something else to write I turned to that stuff. Fan fiction is where I started; it’s something that I feel comfortable doing and it has an audience right there waiting to read it. I set out to find a site that was a little more low key and designed around the writers to post something on. It was a Doctor Who story that I had started some time ago. There was some polishing up to be done, but it was mostly alright. Ideas raised by the show come into play and there’s something morally bad that came from a choice made by the Doctor and Amy in an earlier adventure.

I submitted it and I got a rejection letter back…from a fan fiction site. The gist of the letter was how it didn’t fit their editing standards. The things they sent me back that were the problems were the kind of things that are usually considered author choices in the world of writing though. For instance: I’ve seen many books break the rules of writing sentences in and around quotations, mostly because those rules don’t follow a logical pattern and the average reader wouldn’t notice them. Another thing they cited me for was capitalizing “sonic screwdriver” which I usually do in writing because it seems like the kind of thing that you could choose to do or not. I like it better that way.

There’s nothing said of the actual writing. At this point I tend to be able to weave a decent story together with most of these things, but it just bothers me to see a community that’s been so badly treated by the mainstream trying to act like their a literature department from some university. You’re mostly dealing in smut stories about the Doctor and Rose—let’s not act all high and fucking mighty over here. I’m not going to re-submit the story. If I do it will be down the line. The whole thing put me off of fan fiction for a while and I decided to go back to what I should be doing. 

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